"I did not really believe the treatment you were proposing, but after seeing the model, I have no doubts. Let's get on with it!"
A. Heron, Patient with distal Radial malunion

"It is brilliant - to actually see what the problem is, and the bone with all its structure, means that a lot of the guess work is taken out. It gives a lot of satisfaction to the patient to actually see what is going on!"
SW, Patient pain with an elbow problem

"When you proposed a surgical repair I was not convinced. The 3D image is so much clearer that I now have the confidence to go that way."
State Attourney with shoulder fracture.

"We can see how close the nerves are to the bone lump. This is obviously difficult surgery so good luck."
Patient with bone tumour in arm.


"The Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma increasingly uses True Life Anatomy reconstruction for planning of complex surgery - we find it assists with pre-operative planning and demonstrates the advantage of virtual surgery in complex cases.
The junior surgeons have embraced this technology, and I can see this becoming routine with the potential for significant improvements in operative techniques including combinations with controlled minimally invasive surgery and less traumatic approaches to complex fractures, reconstructive osteotomies and complex joint reconstruction."
Professor and Head
Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma,

"3D images are nothing new, but the ability to turn the fracture around, and look inside it, is something I have not seen before,…..and you can even show the patient."
Dr Rob Sharp FRCS
British Trauma Surgeon

"…You are developing the product that I have been waiting for and that the global orthopaedic and hand surgery community desperately needs, and I would be grateful to be able to fan the flames of your success …"
Dr Charlie Eaton MD,
Hand Surgeon, Florida www.eatonhand.com

"I am an orthopaedic surgeon in London, England. I stumbled across your software on the net and I have to say it is really quite impressive. Very easy to use indeed."
Orthopaedic Surgeon
London, England

"The animations are very impressive and dramatically demonstrate the patho-anatomy in wrist ligament injuries."

"Looks great and better then what I was able to do with the same data."

"Currently our hospital isdeveloping its PACS system, so this is a good time to work on a seamless way to push the data. Look forward to working with you."
Professor Orthopaedic Surgery ,
University Medical Center

"The shoulder hemi image is awesome. Do you have any THA or TKA images? I would love to see them. This looks like some interesting stuff."
M.B. MD Orthopaedic Surgeon


"This certainly gives the best virtual colonoscopy images I have seen, and very quick too. I think there will be a big place for this technology."
Assoc. Professor, Radiologist

"..One day (maybe in a year or two) we will be able to export 3D images from the CT scanner to allow the referring doctor to interact with them on their own computer…"

"Many Radiologist have often felt that 3D images were of little value to them, but did have some value to the referring physician..."

"...I would be willing to go out on a limb and boldly suggest that within 3 - 5 years this (3D imaging) will become the technique of choice for delivery of our CT services."
Elliot K Fishman MD FACR
Professor of Radiology and Oncology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"It is interesting - this technology provides about the first images to the clinician that can not be delivered by film. This could be a real selling point for its integration into PACS and increase the appeal of PACS with the clinicians."
Director of Radiology

"I think it has something definitive to offer over and above what is currently available on most PACS workstations particularly in relation to fracture fragment manipulation and superimposition of implants."
Radiologist, Oxford UK

"I liked it, tried it on my own dataset, and had a little trouble separating a talar bone chip from the rest of the foot, but overall, I thought it was very good."
Radiologist, St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.


"Having watched the development of True Life Anatomy from its inception, I am very excited about the current applications and the future possibilities of this technology. The ability to manipulate 3-D reconstructions of musculoskeletal images on the office desktop provides a quantum leap for clinicians, researchers and instructors. In an environment of rapidly expanding imaging options for clinical management and for biomedical research, TLA is at the front of the line for making these images accessible to the end-users."
Professor of Orthopaedic Research
Head of the Bone & Joint Centre

"I have been using it for some time as it gives me the most flexibility and visual impact of any I have seen.... really worth a look at!"
Orthopaedic Researcher

Radiology Vendors

"I like it!! The Technology is great."

"Our current digital imaging software has a poor 3D rendering function, and we are interested in a better product."
Marketing Manager,
Orthopaedic Imaging Company

"The RuBaMAS website and TLA software looks impressive, very exciting technology! If I can assist further here, please don't hesitate to contact me."
National Business Relationship Manager,
Major PACS Vendor

"It was a great pleasure meeting you at RSNA. I've done a preliminary check with our specialty markets group and they have real interest in considering how your application would fit into their overall Orthopaedic offering."
Director, Health Care Information Systems
Health Imaging Division
Major PACS Vendor